What is postfeminism?

Postfeminism is a complex, contradictory and often confusing term.

One of the most popular entries on this blog (judging from the hits I get) is one of the first posts I wrote, where I asked: What is postfeminism, anyway?

I’m linking to it here because I think it provides a good introduction to my blog Pondering Postfeminism and provides a basic overview of my understanding of the term ‘postfeminism’.


3 Responses to “What is postfeminism?”

  1. maryclaire Says:

    I love your blog! I have only recently started studying the field of feminism/postfeminism and it is certainly a dense area of study! Your blog makes it a little easier to digest and I thank you!

    Keep on writing!

    • doctorpen Says:

      hello! thanks for saying so. 🙂 I’m glad when people get something out of it. I really should post something new soon! This blog has been a bit neglected lately.

  2. Christy Says:

    Thank you a lot!

    I’m a Chinese girl who is studying in London now. Recently I am struggling with my dissertation in which I am gonna talk about postfeminism, sex and the city and the effect of this tv drama on Chinese girl.
    And i found here which is amazing and thank you for giving me some inspiration!

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