Pondering Princess Fever

A photo of Kate and Prince William smiling at one another. Kate, on the left, is holding up a white floral bouquet thing. The image has been captioned at the top with "Shouldn't you be holding this rubbish?" and at the bottom with "I've got a coat to wear."
[Image source: katemiddletonforthewin.tumblr.com]

Bloody hell I’m sick of hearing about this Royal Wedding.

Who the hell cares that a couple of rich farts from an outdated institution are tying the knot? To date, my favourite headline about the whole silly business is this one: “Unemployed English Girl to Wed Soldier from Welfare Family”.

I honestly don’t know what I find more sickening. Is it the over-the-top non-stop media coverage of the lead up to the Big Event? The atrocious wedding memorablia? Is it the absurd attention to every little detail about what soon-to-be-Princess is wearing? Her weight? How she’s going to wear her hair? Whether or not she’s going to don a tiara?

Or could it be the nauseating sentimentality, and the Princess-fever that seems to have swept everyone up. Do women really dream of nothing except the charming and remote possibility of becoming a princess one day? I think not.

I also don’t understand how the fairytale can remain such a buoyant fantasy when we saw, in the case of Diana, that becoming a princess does not guarantee the happy ending.

And don’t get me started on the problematic representations of Beauty, Bride, Feminine, White Heteronormativity, etc, that perpetuate limited roles and ideals for women.

Look, I’m not anti-wedding altogether. I love a good wedding as much as the next person. I’ve been to many a gorgeous event to witness various friends celebrate their love in a formal ceremony. It can be a beautiful thing. Good food, smart outfits, a perfect excuse for a party, and a chance to celebrate life and love with people you care about.

But surely the joy of a wedding, and the celebration of a partnership, only has real meaning if you actually know the two people involved?

I also have a bunch of reservations about the institution of marriage itself, particularly the fact that not everyone in Australia is allowed to marry their chosen loved one.

I’m also kinda disappointed that the Chaser’s pisstake coverage of the event has been canned. That would have at least provided a bit of relief from the earnest coverage the wedding has been receiving since they announced the engagement.

Heh, and I just found another cool headline. Whoah! No way! – ‘Couple Who Met at University to Marry’:

Two people who went to university together are to get married, it has emerged.

William Windsor (or possibly Wales or possibly Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) and Kate Middleton, both 28, met at St Andrews University eight years ago.

Mr Windsor is a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF – and also a prince.

Wall-to-wall, dewy-eyed hysterical coverage can be found in every other media outlet.

Indeed. Make it stop!


2 Responses to “Pondering Princess Fever”

  1. suzysiu Says:

    Oh. Guess you’re not interested in watching it with me then (well, when The Chaser coverage got cancelled, I figured as much). I have a great selection of British ales though!
    I am watching it – because I am a sook, because I often watch TV on friday nights, and because it’s one of those big cultural things that you might feel like you’ve missed out on something if you’re not a part of it.
    Love that first headline 🙂
    C’mon, those royal tea bags are awesome! http://donkey-products.com/shop/de/auswahl/katea-greetingcard
    But we do kind of know the people involved – we know the whole family – they have filled our magazines and newspapers for decades.
    I heard on the radio a mother saying that her daughter had been shocked when she heard about the wedding, as she didn’t realise that princesses existed outside of storybooks, she didn’t think that they are real. And it’s not particularly real or particularly appealling, I don’t think many girls/ women dream of becoming a princess. But it’s entertainment.

    • doctorpen Says:

      Oh haha! I didn’t see that you’d written this reply before I came over last night!

      I do admit that my post is a little overly-cynical. I just got a bit bored with the *constant* coverage. But I am glad that we watched it. A little bit of pomp and ceremony is quite nice, I think. And watching it alongside the twitter feed was hilarious. 🙂 🙂

      Wow – ok, yes, those teabags are pretty brilliant. 😀

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