Linkages: virginity, victorians, targeting women & more

I’ve been rather busy with my new jobs (two tutoring positions in different departments) so I haven’t updated Pondering Postfeminism as regularly as I would like. Also, this weekend was the long Easter weekend, so I’ve been more interested in hot-cross buns and lazing about than writing. Yep, often food trumps feminism.

I’ll get around to writing a proper entry soon, but in the meantime, here are some links to some cool stuff. Get clicking!

* Emily Maguire has a terrific piece in The Monthly, where she discusses what viriginity means in our society, from “virgin porn” to abstinence pledges, to the views of one outspoken, outdated opposition leader. Rachel Hills has posted a short summary/response of Maguire’s article at her blog: “What is virginity anyway?”.

* In Sydney on the weekend of the 10th-11th of April, there’s the F Conference: a festival, a conference, a future. Two days of feminist discussion and debate. Looks fantastic!

* My mate Tim linked to this interesting article about a female doctor and scholar from Victorian times who conducted a survey into women’s sex lives in the 1890s! Read about her here: Dr Clelia Mosher. (Tim’s whole blog is links to cool stuff he’s found on the interwebs. Check it out!)

* In response to a wonderful seminar hosted by the University of Sydney called Why Feminism Matters, SMH columnist Paul Sheehan wrote a piece telling us how feminism is getting it wrong. (“Feminism’s failure to lend a hand“). I’m so sick of these types of articles. You know the ones. The ones that attempt to discredit feminism and blame feminists for the ills of society. Sheehan’s article is confused and all over the place. If he is really concerned with the oppression of women in Islamic countries, why doesn’t he research and dedicate a column to that, instead of attacking Western feminists for doing feminism incorrectly?

* A few feminist bloggers have responded to Sheehan’s article: the news with nipples writes “Paul Sheehan gets it wrong, again”; and Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony wrote this piece, outlining the anti-feminist tropes that Sheehan uses.

* A recent study by Dr Melissa Gregg finds that the technology that enables workers to “work from home” can lead to stress and anxiety. I’m looking forward to reading her book when it comes out.

* And now something fun – a sketch from That Mitchell and Webb Look poking fun at the way advertising targets women:

* Oh! And while I’m at it, since I’m mentioning advertising and women and comedy sketches, I must link to the delightful and hilarious Sarah Haskins. Her “Targeting Women” series is simply fantastic. I urge you to watch them. Here’s one of my favourites: Target Women: Cars.


7 Responses to “Linkages: virginity, victorians, targeting women & more”

  1. Helen Says:

    Thanks for the link, PP! I love Sarah Haskins.

  2. Tim Byron Says:

    Cheers for the plug. I’ll give you the $20 for services rendered next time we meet 🙂 But yes, it’s amazing to think there was sex research done in the 1890s – but also, the responses she got are completely unsurprising – people don’t change that much, really!

    The Maguire article looks really interesting – my Monthly hasn’t arrived yet, looking forward to reading it in full.

    • doctorpen Says:

      hehe, woo! I can make money from this blogging thing after all! 😛

      Yep, the Maguire article is cool. I’m glad The Monthly still has some good things going for it after the stupid Nowra piece about Greer. I was starting to get disappointed that I’d got myself a subscription.

    • Jadey Says:

      Sorry Tim, I have to laugh every time you say “my monthly hasn’t arrived yet” ha ha ha 😛

      Isn’t that Mitchell and Webb sketch hilarious! I love those guys. xx

      • doctorpen Says:

        Jadey, haha, I totally missed that. 🙂

        and yes, I ❤ mitchell and webb too. Had you seen Sarah Haskins before? I need to sit down and catch up on all her sketches. I think she's fantastic.

  3. Nadz Says:

    Sarah Haskins and talking about having guns. Where I got the inspiration for PSFG 😀

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