Linkages: surnames, STIs, marriage equality, pay gap, hysteria

image source: redserenade

I’m starting a new category called “Linkages”. Yep! The lazy way to write a blog post… link to some cool articles that someone else wrote!

* Rachel Hills, at her blog Musings of an Inappropriate Woman, writes about the stigmas associated with sexually transmitted infections: So you think you can’t get an STI?

* Mary Gardiner, in a guest post on Hoyden About Town, writes about her decision to give her son her surname rather than her male partner’s name: Many roads, one surname. She writes in response to Catherine Deveny’s piece asking why most children get their father’s surname.

* A private member’s bill to amend the Marriage Act to extend marriage rights to all couples, was defeated in the Senate this week. Disappointing. The major parties did not allow a conscience vote on the issue, and many senators were absent from the vote. Supporters of the Bill claim that the absenteeism makes clear that there are divisions within the major parties on this issue. The Greens plan to reintroduce the bill after the election.

* The gender pay gap widened in 2009: Male wages rose by 6.4 per cent last year but women gained a pay rise of just under 5 per cent.

* Over at Sociological Images, there’s an interesting post about how medical discourses help to shape our understandings of gender. For example, this piece talks about women’s weakness, hysteria and wandering organs, as defined by medical practioners in previous eras. It features some old advertisements for the treatment of such ailments: Hysteria, the Wandering Uterus, and Vaginal Massage.


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