Why postfeminism?

Why dedicate a blog to the exploration of a term like postfeminism?

Well, I’m glad you asked. I recently completed my PhD thesis that examined the concept of postfeminism in relation to popular culture, young women’s attitudes to feminism, and the generational debates within feminism. Since I have spent many years investigating these issues, I wanted to create a place where I could continue writing about them – but in a not-so-academic way…A place where I could put forward my thoughts on “postfeminism”, which is, lets face it, a pretty controversial and confusing term.

On this blog I’ll discuss what I think postfeminism means and explore the potential it has for moving feminist debates forward, and for helping us think through issues of gender, equality, difference, culture, politics, and so on. One of my primary research interests is popular culture, so I’ll be talking about postfeminism through things like film, television, music, internet culture, advertising, and more.

Alongside pondering postfeminism, this blog will discuss feminism more generally, as well as other political and cultural theory. I suspect I’ll also include a range of other topics that happen to take my fancy or catch my attention. The luxury of a blog as opposed to a dissertation is that I can go off on tangents whenever I feel like it! I hope you’ll join me on the ride.

Let the pondering begin!



2 Responses to “Why postfeminism?”

  1. karenlgould Says:

    fab! shall enjoy reading 😀

    Also, I like your banner.


    can you share some links where i can read something about the concept,theory,ideology,goals etc of postfeminism

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